Indicators of the Best Dental Clinic
Indicators of the Best Dental Clinic
Stepping into a dental clinic in lebanon can tell you a lot about the dentists working there, and about how they actually feel about providing an easy and comfortable dental care. The best dental clinic in Lebanon can immediately make you feel relaxed and composed, as opposed to anxious and uncomfortable.
This is crucial especially if you are trying to find the best dental clinic in Beirut, Lebanon that can provide dental care for your entire family. Your kids may be much more easily intimidated, and if you don’t feel comfortable then your kids will pick up on that too.
Here are the signs to look for:
•    It’s clean and organized.
This is pretty much a requirement for all professional service dental clinics in Lebanon. It has to be clean and organized, because anything less can make you doubt the ability and skills of the Lebanese dentists. Subconsciously, you’re thinking that a messy clinic can translate into making a mess out of your teeth, and that’s not good.
•    It doesn’t look like a typical Lebanese dental clinic.
Just because a dental clinic is clean and organized doesn’t mean it has to look sterile. The walls don’t have to be painted completely in white or green or any single color.
It’s better if there are some livelier colors and designs on the walls. Once you there, you can immediately feel the fun atmosphere inside the clinic. Instead of displaying posters showing various teeth problems, the clinic can have giveaways items like mugs or toothbrush, TV screens with good programs, soft music to let you feel relaxed.
On major holidays, the office may even have some décor appropriate for the season. Halloween and Christmas décor can liven up the place, and photos of these should be displayed as well.
•    The Dental Clinics in Lebanon should sound and smell great.
It’s not just the look of the Lebanese dental clinics that’s important. What you hear and smell is crucial as well in making you feel more relaxed.
For example, the best dental clinics will have some nice music playing in the background. Dead silence can make anyone feel fidgety, and it just emphasizes the rather scary sound of drills. But nice music can make you feel less anxious and lift up your mood.
Most of the time there will be fresh flowers as well in the front office. Not only do they look nice, they smell nice too. And the best dental clinics in Lebanon will probably have some aromatherapy machine in the back office. Smells are powerful memory triggers, and these nice smells can trigger more pleasant memories than the usual medicinal smells you encounter in medical clinics.
•    The people working there, particularly the dentists, are pleasant.
Staff should act like customer service people instead of unsmiling, grim-faced professionals. Moods are infectious, and a fun mood exhibited by the dental staff can easily transfer to you.So take note of how they treat you, and how friendly they are. The people there should be asking you questions about yourself to put you at ease, instead of regarding you as a problem that must be solved. They should treat you as a person, and they should always strive to be cheerful.
At Joe Karam Dental Clinic, we love to let our patients feel stress-free and we like to let them feel like they are just at home.