How do I get a Hollywood smile in Lebanon?
At Dr. Joe Karam, Dental Clinic in Lebanon, we pride ourselves on our quality cosmetic dentistry in Beirut and the Middle East Region. Our porcelain veneers are the quick-fix route to a perfect Hollywood smile in Lebanon, hiding all manner of imperfections and giving your mouth the equivalent of a face-lift.

Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin shells of enamel-like porcelain that are handcrafted by Lebanese dental ceramists and then permanently bonded to the front of the teeth.
Veneers are a popular treatment option for several reasons. They are generally placed on the front of teeth that are discoloured, poorly shaped or slightly crooked. Porcelain veneers ,in Lebanon,may be used to lighten front teeth that are naturally yellow or have a grey cast and are not suitable for our Zoom teeth whitening procedure. Veneers are also used to correct teeth that are chipped or worn. They also may be used to correct uneven spaces gaps in the teeth.

Does it take long?

The veneer procedure can be completed in two visits to our lebanese dental clinic in Mkaless, over the course of two weeks. The visits are comprehensive and may require several hours of examination by our cosmetic, dentist Dr. Joe karam, and tooth preparation, to ensure your cosmetic dentistry in Beirut is executed to your exact needs.

This consultation stage of the veneer process is essential; it determines any oral health concerns that must be addressed before any treatment can begin. Also, our dental clinic in Mkaless will work with you to select the best colour for your new teeth, or maybe several shades for extra detail and harmony to your smile. As a part of this process, if possible, we may occasionally recommend teeth whitening before you begin the porcelain veneer treatment to achieve the best results.

What next?

After your initial consultation, Dr. Karam, the best cosmetic dentist in lebanon, will determine the dimensions of porcelain veneers that will suit your face and then conclude how much tooth structure needs to be altered to achieve your goals. Dr. Joe then take an impression of your teeth from which a mould of your mouth will be made. Our Lebanese Dental Clinic also take several digital photos to communicate to the ceramist your desired results.

To find out more about veneers, or to book an appointment for your cosmetic dentistry in Lebanon, call Dr. Joe Karam Dental Clinic in lebanon:
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