About Hollywood Smile
Anybody who acquires the ability to see beauty never grows old!
Every person is unique, and so is their smile. A smile serves as an invitation to our fellow human beings to get to know us. Stars and celebrities from lebanon show us how it’s done: Assi El Helani, Sheeren, Amar, Elie Ayoub, Joe Ashkar have particularly attractive smiles done by Dr. Joe Karam - the best dental clinics in lebanon.
Not everyone is naturally blessed with beautiful, even, white teeth. Do you only smile and laugh with your hand covering your mouth or with your lips closed? This can be a thing of the past now. Smile and laugh spontaneously, joyously, confidently, and in a relaxed way! With the aid of the best cosmetic dentist in lebanon that can no longer be brightened. It can be removed, and an appealing and favorable look can be created – it’s easier than you think!  Said Dr. Joe Karam -
Bleaching the teeth prior to reconstructive and beautifying procedures can further improve results.
Beautiful people with flawlessly white teeth beam at us from magazines, billboards, TV, and other media. Is it even possible to have teeth that are that white? Yes, an uncomplicated method makes it possible for everyone: It’s called bleaching.
Teeth become darker or spotty due to consumption of tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco, and coca cola, or simply as a result of the natural ageing process. Through bleaching, your own teeth can be brightened without any complications.
Usually, the results last for two to three years or longer, depending on your personal oral hygiene and eating habits. If necessary, you can have another professional dental bleaching done after two years.
what are you waiting for? your hollywood smile is next!
Dr. Joe Karam - Cosmetic Dentist in Lebanon