your vacation to-do list
Summer is a great time to get away from it all. Whether driving to a scenic campground or flying to an exotic locale, one thing is certain: You don’t want to deal with dental problems while on vacation. So among the first things on your vacation to-do list should be to see Dr. Joe Karam for free consultation before you leave or consult any dental clinics in lebanon.

Your lebanese dentist can:

check for loose fillings or loose caps
treat decayed or chipped teeth and
check sensitive teeth or other known dental problems you may have.
And if you’ve been putting off a root canal procedure, take care of that before you leave. The last place you want it to become an emergency is far from home.

Be sure to schedule your dental visit early enough in any dental clinics in Lebanon so that any necessary follow-up treatments can be completed.

To ensure a big smile in your vacation photos, make sure your teeth are in great shape before you leave home, and don’t forget to pack your toothbrush!
Enjoy your vacation! 
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